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Ashville New York Naturally Raised Meat

Your Local Farm in Jamestown NY Providing Naturally Raised, Grass Fed Beef and Pork as well as Chickens and Hay. 716-763-9026

About Johnson Farms, Ashville, NY

At Johnson Farms, we are a locally owned farm in Ashville, NY serving the greater Jamestown, NY area with naturally raised meat. We raise our own beef cows and pigs without growth hormones or antibiotics. We do not use herbicides or pesticides on our pastures and hay fields. The cows get no commercial animal grain. We raise our own cows which are a mix of beef breeds, mostly Scotch Highlander. This particular breed has fuzzy long coats. This makes them warm in winter, cooler in the summer, and leaner on the table. They do not have a layer of fat under the hide, so they are leaner. We buy feeder piglets from local pig farms. They are fed corn feed, garden produce, and bread.

All beef and pork products are professionally processed at a local meat processor. The meat is USDA government inspected. Half and whole orders are custom cut and wrapped to your specifications. There is a limited availability, so it is best to call to see what is in stock, place an order or to get on the waiting list. Prices are subject to change. Contact us at Johnson Farms today for more information at 716-763-9026.